Enlistment Requirements


1. Be recruited/scouted for [1st_SFOD-D] by a Recruiting Officer (RO).

2. Actively play AA:PG more than 18 hours per week.

2b. Attend a MANDATORY once-a-week team meeting, held @ 8P EST - USA, MONDAY OR TUESDAY. (Notice given.)

3. Display competitive, competent, and tactical practicality in-game.

4. Possess and exemplify extensive knowledge of weapon behaviors, ranking structure, squad tactics, etiquette, and teamwork.

5. Regularly hold a positive KD-ratio the majority (65%) of the time.



Enlistment Procedure

1. Sign up @ [1st_SFOD-D] Forums, AASTATS and Fragrate preferably with your tags and in-game name, or at least using a readily identifiable variant of your in-game name.

1b. Join the team stat-tracking page @ Fragrate

2. Download Teamspeak 3

2b. Connect to the [1st_SFOD-D] TeamSpeak 3 Server